Get Back To Living


Book Description

Do you feel as if you’re stuck in a cycle of loss?

The love of your life has died, and just like that your whole world is upside down. You know you are doing the best you can to make it all work, but you just can’t get out from under the overwhelming weight of losing them. It often feels as if all that is left is this ache where your heart used to be, like the hits just keep coming and your life keeps coming up short. Sometimes it is all just too much.

The good news is, all is not lost! Hang in there! Author Allison L. Brown has been there, losing everything after the death of her husband and slowly piecing her life back together. Now she shares everything she learned, showing you how you can move through the loss and live your life again with just a few simple shifts.

In Get Back to Living, Allison will teach you the same method she used to:

  • See a way forward in your life after loss
  • Get out from under the weight of painful thoughts
  • Honor what you need and release the rest
  • Create the life you truly desire

It’s time to claim your life back. Get Back to Livingwill show you how.

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