From Sidelines to Start Lines

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Book Description

It’s Your Life. Rise Up and Run with It.

From Sidelines to Start Lines is for former runners who are feeling frustrated and like frauds for sitting on the couch or behind the computer for far too many days (or years). If you want to get back into running to improve your health, your social life, and your sanity, this book is for you. When you clarify what has really been holding you back and keeping you from logging your miles, you will be free to train effectively for any race and victoriously cross any finish line.

Drawing from her own experience as a runner who had to overcome a four-year hiatus and her work with run-ning clients, Sarah Richardson carefully explains what it takes to successfully re-create healthy running habits in your busy life.

While training plans and books about running are easy to come by, From Sidelines to Start Lines takes it a step further. Rather than just telling you what you should do, what you should buy, and how far to run, Sarah Richardson helps frustrated runners deal with the Inner Game that often keeps people sidelined. She teaches you how to lay a solid running foundation with four supportive pillars that will create a joyful, personal, and sustainable running plan. With practical activities and real-life examples, this book will teach you how to commit to rather than resist your practice.

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