From Crisis to Calm


Book Description

Chill Out Your Dementia Crisis… and Keep It That Way!
Do you struggle every day with a family member who lives with Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia just to do the simplest things? Getting dressed… getting out of the house to appointments… eating and drinking well… and the final frontier of care, taking a shower without a meltdown, are all possible if you know the special methods you will learn in this book. In 5 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • How to put out behavioral fires quickly… even prevent the next one from happening.
  • Get the basics of daily care done with less coaxing, arguing and upset.
  • Address the challenging behaviors that most upset and frighten you.
  • How to better communicate with your family member who is losing their ability to use speech.
  • Create and maintain some sanity in your life, even as your family member needs more help as their dementia progresses.

Learn the care methods Dr. Bier discovered were most successful as she has coached hundreds of desperate family members and caregivers out of their dementia crisis.

In just one month, you could feel life is in much better control, as you exercise the tools to cope with your loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease, or other type of dementia.

Deborah Bier, PhD, has successfully trained thousands of family and professional caregivers in dementia care best practices. She is an internationally respected educator and a beloved speaker. Her credentials are unique in that she experienced years of cognitive impairment herself following an auto accident. She has been a psychotherapist and homecare agency director of care for over 25 years. She is considered a gifted health educator, able to synthesize complex health topics into easy-to-understand language and down-to-earth actions. Dr. Bier holds a PhD in therapeutic counseling, a certificate in gerontology, and is a Certified Alzheimer’s Educator.

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