From Broken To Beautiful

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Book Description

Are you afraid your marriage might end in divorce because you and your husband barely know each other anymore.

It feels like your marriage is falling apart. Your husband doesn’t understand when you try to communicate your feelings and you feel as if you don’t even know each other anymore. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Stop worrying about divorce and learn the skills you need to fix your marriage.

You want happiness, contentment, and peace in your marriage. By simply adjusting how you communicate with your husband, you can finally learn how to have the relationship you truly desire. Sarah Jane Patton walks you through her real-life triumphs and tribulations that led her to healing and happiness. In the process, she reveals nine powerful revelations that helped her to have a successful marriage.

After reading From Broken to Beautiful, you and your husband will:

  • Talk again every day with ease, like you used to
  • Go on dates and fall in love all over again
  • Help each other understand one another’s feelings without arguing
  • Save your marriage from ending in divorce

Successful marriages do exist and there is still hope for you. Let the life revelations in From Broken to Beautiful help you get the marriage you always dreamed of having!

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