From Borderline to Baseline


Book Description

Are you ready to finally try something to manage your BPD that actually works?
Are you sick and tired of BPD thoughts and behaviours controlling you and everyone in your life? Do your volatile and unpredictable emotions and reactions completely dictate your life and schedule? Would you like to finally gain the knowledge and skills you need to live on a more even keel baseline? You don’t have to give up; you can do it!

Julie Ford will share with you her proven FORDitude Daily Action Program, which she developed after conquering the devastating effects of borderline personality disorder since her diagnosis in 2010. She will teach you how to:

  • Acquire skills to combat your impulsiveness and unhelpful thinking
  • How to move forward to your baseline and prevent relapses
  • Find crucial individual support you may need as an alternative to groups
  • Manage your behaviors so you can give your loved ones the care they need
  • Stay functional in your relationships and create healthy boundaries
  • Manage your thinking and emotions no matter what happens

Don’t spend another precious moment feeling misunderstood, hopeless, and alone. From Borderline to Baseline will help you get the answers you need, so you can go from suffering to thriving!

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