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Make a living and a difference with your signature program!

As a healer, you want to heal, but often you can feel trapped in a life of exhaustion, burnout, and misery. You are forced to sacrifice your family, relationships, and health – only to realize you still aren’t making the difference you were born to make!

Many people have a dream to make a greater difference healing with their own signature soul-satisfying programs, without putting their family at risk, but they have no idea how to do that – until now. Dr. Shaunna Menard knows what it looks like to see someone destroy their health before her eyes. In Free to Heal, she shares how she was able to break free and make an even greater difference with her own soul-satisfying health coaching practice.

In Free to Heal, you will learn how to:

  • Use self-healing principles that clearly and confidently deliver exponential results for your patients and clients
  • Awaken to what you really want without having to choose between “making a living” and living
  • Break free from a medical career to create your own signature wellness program without putting your family at risk
  • Determine what influencers are sabotaging you and keeping you stuck
  • Easily implement simple baby steps that move you in the direction of your dreams

As Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with your music inside.” If you are ready to make a difference and live a life of freedom and joy, read Free to Heal!

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