Fool Willing

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Book Description

Imagine what having more advocates could do for environmental organization: more engaged volunteers, more political wins for conservation, more financial support, and more enthusiastic collaborations. The U.S. is fortunate to have people from many different cultures and ethnicities, yet so many of these good folks have not been invited to full participation in the green movement.

Fool Willing is a playful, practical guide for welcoming and including all communities at the “green table.” Putting a happy little kid, a salsa-dancing event planner, and Jane Goodall in the same room, Fool Willing would be what they would write together. Its light-hearted voice invites readers to bring playfulness and practicality as they make advances for people and the planet. Author and certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Kathy Oppegard helps people in environmental organizations bring communities into full participation in their organizations and volunteer teams. She has coordinated hundreds of volunteers for multiple events.

Dig in and get ready to have more fun and be more effective as you grow your community in your green organization today!

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