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In Flourish, award-winning CEO Dr. Rachel Talton takes women leaders on a powerful journey toward having it all without sacrificing their authentic selves. Compelling personal stories, rigorous research and experiential exercises help successful women stop hiding fear, guilt and overwhelm behind their Golden Masks, giving them a specific strategy to flourish. Redefining success with integrity to themselves with purpose, connection, contribution and legacy.
Women leaders are often torn between seeking success, influence, impact and contribution in their organizations and the marketplace, and having a thriving family and personal life. They find that their desire to contribute professionally and personally often relegates a back seat to self-care, self-worth and wellbeing. In fact, the data show that many women who attain one or two of the traditional metrics of success find themselves sorely lacking in others, and often suffering in silence beneath a beautiful suit, great shoes, powerful title and the shiny, meticulously applied Golden Mask.
Dr. Rachel builds upon years of executive experience, organizational and consumer research and expertise guiding Fortune 500 organizations and leaders to craft a powerfully practical guide to flourishing. She tells her own story and the stories of other women leaders who inspire as they turn sometimes tragic life events into triumphs. Through this book, Dr. Rachel takes readers on an experiential journey through the six dimensions of their lives to flourish – to grow luxuriantly and to prosper.
As organizations desperately seek to reconcile stark data that reveal women in senior leadership provides a significant competitive advantage. For example, research shows that women leaders help companies outperform competitors by up to 26% in revenues, boards with three women have 66% higher ROI, 53% higher ROE and 42% higher ROS. However, only 4.6% of S&P 500 CEOs are women. Even knowing what we know today, women are still paid only 78 cents for every U.S. dollar men make. Women CEOs make about 11.5% less than their male counterparts. And at the current rate of progression, women won’t reach pay equity with men until 2058.
In Flourish, Dr. Rachel Talton helps women leaders peer beneath the Golden Mask to reveal their authentic selves and redefine the traditional metrics of success in order to flourish – leveraging the six currencies of purpose, joy, meaning, service, accomplishment and legacy. Leveraging scientific research in psychology, behavioral economics, and management theory, Dr. Rachel reveals the practical Flourish Model of Success while sharing inspiring stories of resilience, courage and transformation.
Using a six-dimensional model of Success, Self-Care, Synergy, Spirit, Service and Legacy, Flourish helps women navigate, integrate and reshape their own futures, shattering old paradigms and creating their own sense of self-worth, self-value and contribution. Using interactive exercises to close the gap between their aspirations to flourish and the current state of wellbeing across each dimension, readers leave the Flourish experience with a dynamic path forward.
By seamlessly integrating the six dimensions of flourishing and focusing on what matters most, women can flourish and have it all. And they can do so without losing themselves.

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