Fix Your Mojo


Book Description

Are You Ready to Rediscover YOU?

This book will help you transform your personal life from Ho-Hum, to Holy Moly.

Author, Susan Taylor, shares the 9-step program that will take you from tired and overwhelmed to the sexy little devil you used to be.

In this book, Susan Taylor shows you simple strategies to:

  • Reset Your Hormones
  • Revive Your Energy
  • Reduce Overwhelming Fatigue
  • Realign Your Body, Mind and Spirit, and
  • Reignite Your Sex Life

With Susan’s warm and engaging style that her clients have come to know and love, you will learn how to finally get your life back on track and rekindle your love life.

Fix Your Mojo It’s like an electrifying combination of Stop the Insanity and Eat, Pray, Love which will give you the warm hug you need, along with a little kick in the butt to take action!

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