Finding Your Own Happy

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Book Description

Why do some people have to work so hard to find happiness? Discover the practices that can help on your journey to contentment.

Have you been a soul-searcher all your life? A seeker, a quester for greater understanding of yourself and the human experience? Do you long to be able to be in this world in ways that you can feel truly sane and happy? Maybe life feels more intense and emotional for you than it does for those around you . . . or you wonder if you’re just crazy because you seem to experience the world so differently than other people do?

Perhaps you wonder if you’ll ever get to a place of truly feeling happy. You’re smart, conscious, and self-reflective. You seem to be doing all the “right” things. So why can’t you seem to get there despite everything you’ve tried?

Part practical self-help guide, part honest and personal account of one soul-searcher’s quest for happiness, Finding Your Own Happy shows you:

  • The surprising number-one thing you’ve been missing that has kept you from your happiness (until now)
  • Why all the things you’ve tried that seemed to work for other people actually couldn’t work for you
  • Practical tools and practices that can immediately change your experience and put you on the path to true and lasting happiness in your life

If you’re tired of trying so hard or searching for answers you cannot seem to find, let the insight and tools Elana Davidson has gained from years of working with clients and decades of searching for the missing keys to her own happiness support and guide you to a place of greater peace and fulfillment in your life.

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