Finding Your Lost Child


Book Description

How You Can Handle Your Autistic Child’s Allergies And Gut Problems

If you want to learn how to help your child become healthier, having fewer and fewer temper tantrums, having less cravings for sugars and detrimental foods, this is the book you can’t miss! You will learn how to have a healthy and happy family by changing life style and learning how to alleviate and even eliminate allergies. The whole family will feel and act better and may see progress in a little as a couple of weeks.

  • Learn how to eliminate allergies in your own home
  • The benefits of a healthy life style and how to shop in the grocery store
  • Learn how to really read labels on foods
  • What are pro and pre-biotics?
  • Different approach to communicate with my non-verbal child

The last 20+ years, the children on the A Spectrum have increased in unexplainable numbers and every year we have more affected kids. We have to learn how to incorporate them in the society, both by helping them and at the same time educate the population, that they are people too and have the same right as everybody else. This book will help the parents to help their child, so it will be easier for them to live life.

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