Finding Ugly

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Book Description

What if you took your worst moment and made it your greatest?
Can you stop repeating the same events in your life and start creating your dream come true?

What Scott Sunderland offers in this book is a simple understanding of the steps to create the life you always dreamed of. He explains how to overcome your limitations and stop creating “bad” events in your life and why nothing else has worked for you up to this point. Through his experiences of paralysis and tragedy, he discovered who he truly was and he shares the simple answer in this book. You will learn:

  • How to gain the understanding of who you really are and who you are not
  • How to use that understanding to see your tragedies as opportunities
  • How to use this technique in every area of your life
  • That everything you search for, you already possess
  • How to move past fear that limits your life
  • That you are the creator of your whole reality

Are you looking for the beginning of your life, or just waiting for the end? Take the journey with Scott to finally open up all the possibilities for you in your own life.

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