Fierce Integrity


Book Description

Are you ready to begin living your truth?

For a lot of people, having integrity means to tell the truth, in Maren Hasse’s Fierce Integrity, she takes it even further. In this book, Maren explores not only what it means to TELL the truth, but what it means to live it – and that involves our words but also our thoughts and our actions.

Readers will discover the 3 simple steps to living in alignment with yourself:

1.Tell yourself the truth first (your thoughts)

2.Tell that same truth to others (your word)

3.Match your behavior with both your thoughts and your words (your actions).

Once you begin to live with FIERCE Integrity, you become more aware of the language that you use and you can get in touch with the “why” of your actions.

Through a unique blend of memoir and traditional self-help writing styles, Hasse shows how she stepped into the belief that her story was worth telling.

Learn:•What to do when someone is cruel to you or says hurtful words•How to tame your inner perfectionist without compromising•About the 5 types of lies – and get to the bottom of why people you love lie to you•Identify if your clutter, over eating or retail therapy habits are healthy or destructive•How to know for sure if your best really is good enough

“Letting go of the past has allowed me to feel peaceful in the present. Forgiving myself for mistakes that I have made along the way has been important; forgiving others even more so.” – Maren Hasse

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