Fear of Flying Solo


Book Description

Are you newly and shockingly divorced?
You bought the “til death do us part” thing. Now you are alone, and perhaps feeling unlovable? Is being single again overwhelming, scary, and totally not what you want? Are you freaked out about ever getting your life back together? Do you ask yourself, “Where do I start?” every day, then take a few steps and give up when the grief or panic overtakes you?

In Fear of Flying Solo: Recovery from Divorce, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Marsha Vaugn teaches those going through divorce how to manage the transition and all of the overwhelming to-do’s that come with it. She guides them through asking for support, what to do (or not do) about sex and dating, how to begin anew, and what practices carry them forward into their new life.

If you are caught in the divorce transition and don’t want to do it alone, Fear of Flying Solo is there for you every step of the way.

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