Book Description

“Kate Dow is a master who walks her talk, who will guide you in transforming anxiety and being empowered” (Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements).

So many women and female entrepreneurs struggle with anxiety that is stopping them from moving forward in their personal growth, business, and sense of purpose. In Fear-Less, anxiety expert and coach Dr. Kate Dow offers proven methods for women to become adept at overcoming their anxiety and rewiring their brain.

With compelling teachings, stories, and practices, she gently guides women back into relationship with their inner wisdom, abilities, and power. Fear-Less includes Dr. Kate Dow’s narrative, as well as many client case stories of women’s incredible outcomes. Written specifically for women from a unique and powerful perspective, Fear-Less guides readers through transformation with its practical, heart-based, and potent methods. If anxiety is getting in the way of your success—learn how to fear less.

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