Fat Be Gone!

Carleasa Coates

Book Description

Weighing over 300 pounds for over thirty years made Carleasa Coates a bonafide expert on one thing: Being very fat in a regular size world. With humor and compassion Carleasa relays her story of her journey up the scale by falling in love at an early age with sweets and then finding comfort in food and eating, a love relationship that lasted longer than many marriages. But the love affair had to end when high “bad” cholesterol and high blood pressure signed her death warrant of heart attack. Not wanting to die as her mother and grandmother had from heart disease, Carleasa had to find a way out of her relationship with food to a thinner healthier body. By getting clear, getting connected, getting committed and getting correction, Carleasa released 180 pounds from her top weight of 365 pounds. By following these four steps, you too can put lose the weight you’ve long wanted to let go and gain true happiness.

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