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Want a career after rocking the mom scene?

Now, after years of raising your kids, you are ready for more! If you are burning inside to start a career, then you need to find the right career path that fits your schedule, earns great money, and will offer you tons of personal fulfillment. You don’t want to waste precious time and energy with a job that’s exhausting and frustrating. To find your next career, you will need to know how to pinpoint your true passion and know what specific actions to take.

In Explore and Discover Your Purpose, Marlo Andersen takes you step-by-step on an adventure of rich self-discovery and helps you become more aware of personal gifts and ambitions. In her book, Marlo will show you:

  • How to find clarity on choosing a career path
  • How to find a career that pays in dollars and in personal joy and fulfillment
  • How to prevent fear and excuses from standing in your way
  • How to avoid a life of quiet desperation
  • How a career with purpose enhances every other area of life

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