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Marsha Kay Farias

Book Description

Do you see, hear, feel or know what others don’t? Do you want to know why? Are you afraid of telling certain people because of what they might say? Do you feel like you’re meant for something more?

Marsha Kay Farias awakened to her sixth sense at the age of seventeen when she was healed instantly from suicidal depression. She began hearing other people’s thoughts in her mind like they were her own and felt their presence without being touched. Out of fear of rejection she hid her abilities until the fear of losing her daughter to suicide drove her to find her teacher James Van Praagh and surrender to Love and embrace them. Join Marsha as she takes you on a spiritual journey to know:

The truth behind what you’re experiencing and why
How to overcome fear and self-doubt to embrace your abilities
How to discover, develop and control your abilities
How to share your abilities by using them in everyday interactions

If you are seeking answers for what you experience and why then this book is for you.
If you want to understand and develop your sixth sense to impact the world this book is for you.

With knowledge, grace and truth Marsha Kay Farias removes the taboo of having a sixth sense and makes understanding and developing it a prerequisite to creating a real and lasting impact upon our world. Are you ready?

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