Every time I Diet I Gain Five Pounds

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Book Description

Every Time I Diet I Gain Five Pounds is the antidote to the very real experiences many of us go through when we diet, go off our diets, and end up a few pounds heavier then when we started. This book is for anyone that has wanted to lose weight and get in shape and dreads the idea of yet another diet.

Every Time I Diet’s author, Galina, encourages the reader to NOT go on a diet and instead, try the road less traveled. This new path is one without deprivation and excessive self-control. It is stepping into a community of those of us who are willing to believe in ourself, and to learn about what our unique needs are. Galina calls out the myth that any one diet is a solution for all and encourages each of us to understand our strengths and inherent weaknesses. She proposes ways to get to know, and play to our strengths and honor, but not focus on our weaknesses.

Galina teaches us how to lose weight without dieting by sharing her story and her client’s stories with candor – you feel like you are sitting together in conversation. This conversation takes you through exercises for your own reflection and possibility. Loosing weight, being healthy, liking yourself, and living in accordance with what you value are all part of this no-dieting, no-nonsense, easy to read book.

Galina presents the Visualize Personal Success (VPS) model for stepping into your true self and shedding your baggage as an easy to remember system. The VPS system guides you through how to loose weight without dieting by re-aligning ones goals, values and behaviors to ultimately live your dreams. Galina supports the VPS system and her client’s success by providing the newest insights from the fields of neuroscience and systems theory along with descriptions of how they relate to and support a lifelong commitment to personal growth, change, and new healthier habits.

Every Time I Diet I Gain Five Pounds is rich with self-assessments for you to use to learn and gain insights into yourself and your own personal story. Galina’s life coaching clients have successfully used the self-assessments. Three of her client’s stories, Ellen’s, Mathew’s, and Linda’s, depict their struggles and ultimately their successes working with VPS, re-claiming their bodies and transforming their lives. It is easy to relate to these stories and apply the wisdom gleaned from them to yourself.

VPS takes you from your story that you’ve been living in to achieving your goals and dreams. VPS helps you find and stay centered in your authentic self and encourages you to celebrate, to ensure your continued success in being your true svelte self for the rest of your life.

There are no rebound weight gains with Every Time I Diet I Gain Five Pounds. All it takes is the belief that there is a better way to personal health then deprivation and self-control and the courage to give VPS a try. What have you got to lose?

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