Enough Already!


Book Description

Are you tired of always being on the bottom of your own list of priorities?

Are you getting tired of being crazy-busy all the time, with no time or energy left for you? Are you a high-achieving, capable, competent professional who has worked hard to achieve professional success, but starting to realize you aren’t feeling the same amount of joy with your accomplishments? Does it feel like, in spite of all your success, life is passing you by?

If you’re wondering what has happened to your energy level and are beginning to resent constantly putting your own priorities on hold, Enough Already! can help. This book offers experienced-based tools and techniques the author has used to successfully start to create positive change and increase her energy, engagement, and enjoyment.

Get ready to say “Enough already” to overwhelm. Through the inspiration and insights in this short book, Lori Johnson provides tools for making conscious decisions about what defines “enough” for you and helps you take new actions to achieve the successful balance and happiness you seek – even within your busy life.

If you want to feel hopeful, inspired, confident, and motivated that you can find a way make positive change and healthier habits in your busy life, let Lori show you how to start putting yourself first, so that you can regain your energy and find the balance and feelings of ease and happiness that you deserve.

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