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Book Description

Psychic and afraid?

All your life, you have been waiting for someone to explain the things that make you different. Maybe you feel things from other people that they don’t seem to feel, or you see colors around the people you are talking to. Maybe you even hear voices or feel like you can look at someone and understand their medical conditions. You may wonder whether you’re psychic, but psychics aren’t normal, traditional people like you…are they?

Embrace Your Psychic Gifts will address those things that frighten you about how you see, feel, and hear things that others might not. Deborah Sudarsky, M.Ed in counseling, works with hundreds of people in individual and group counseling, both privately and in schools. With a background in mental health and rehabilitation counseling, Deborah understands the difference between having supernatural gifts and being crazy. With that in mind, she has developed the EXCEPTIONAL METHOD.

In Embrace Your Psychic Gifts, you will:

  • Learn to identify your special talents and skills
  • Find out why you see things the way that you do
  • Understand that sometimes the stress you feel isn’t yours – and what to do about it
  • Revisit common misconceptions about being psychic

Find techniques to incorporate your special skills into everyday life in a positive way

You are not alone. In fact, you also have something exceptional to contribute. It’s time to understand your unique way of seeing the world!

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