Embodied Healing

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Book Description

What does twisting your body into poses named after animals have to do with trauma recovery? Everything. If you’ve ever wondered how yoga can inform trauma recovery and help us cope with extreme stress, this book is for you.

Author Lisa Danylchuk has taught yoga as a healing modality in schools, prisons, recovery centers, and to traumatized populations abroad in Kenya, Haiti, and Tibet. In Embodied Healing: Using Yoga to Recover from Trauma and Extreme Stress, she shares the foundation of her approach and offers simple ways to understand and apply the theoretical bridges between the fields of yoga and psychotherapy. She outlines core elements of trauma treatment, yoga philosophy, and effective healing approaches.
•Learn how trauma theory and yoga philosophy interconnect.
•Find out the healing foundations of yoga that are so easily hidden by our culture’s fixation on the external form.
•Discover the role of the nervous system and how to cultivate balance through yoga.
•Tap into sound advice on how to structure a trauma-informed yoga class.
•Get insider tips on keeping yourself healthy as you do healing work!

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