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Get back on your game and get back in your pants!

You can’t believe your pants don’t fit. If anybody knows what to do to lose weight, it’s you. You spend your days successfully helping other people manage their weight and health, but you’re losing control of your own. Beyond frustrated, you feel like a fraud, and desperately want to avoid buying a new wardrobe. You’ve never had to think about weight loss for yourself before, and now you can hardly think of anything else.

With all your skills and all the best information at your fingertips, this should be easy – but it’s not. What you need is a clear plan to reset your eating and get your creeping weight under control. You will stand tall knowing you’re out of this jam and you can walk into your closet and have your clothes fit. Every. Single. Morning.

In Eat Like You Teach, registered dietitian and expert nutrition coach Irene Pace will help you make that happen. Irene will give you the clear steps you need to move from just knowing to actually doing, which will help you:

  • Take control of your weight
  • Be confident doing what works best for you
  • Reclaim your focus
  • Bring energy to all parts of your life
  • See your efforts lead to real results

If you’re ready to get “doing” and finally have this creeping weight sorted out, you’re in the right place!

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