Dying To Be Thin

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Book Description

Have conventional treatments failed at helping you overcome your battle with bulimia?

Recapture the valuable time bulimia has stolen from you and focus it on what matters most in your life: your family. Stop your mental battle of preoccupation with binges or thinking about where the next purge will take place. Free yourself from the obsession of a bulimia bender.

After battling for over twenty years with bulimia, Noelle Gilbert has overcome the mental and physical struggle caused by living with an eating disorder. She is now able to devote her time to a life of freedom and enjoyment with her children. In Dying to Be Thin, Noelle offers you the unconventional strategies that will help you regain power and strength over bulimia.

Dying to Be Thin will reveal:

  • Raw accounts of the mental and physical bondage you live with daily due to bulimia
  • Why conventional treatments may not have worked for you
  • Strategies to stop the binge/purge cycle
  • Methods to heal the entire body in order to free up mental space
  • How to recognize your power and strength in overcoming bulimia

Dying to Be Thin is the resource you need to master your eating disorder and live a life free from the bondage of bulimia. Allow Noelle to help you transform your time, your energy, and your relationship with your family.

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