Don’t Tell Me to Relax!


Book Description

Love success but hate the stress?

Is your mind racing with your never-ending to-do list? Are you spread thin, stressed out, overwhelmed, and ready to snap? Don’t people know how busy you are? You’ve got a ton of stuff to do and no time to waste. If one more person tells you to “just relax,” you might come unglued.

Don’t Tell Me to Relax is for the ambitious soul who loves to be productive but struggles with the stress and anxiety that comes from being a high achiever. Former perfectionist and to-do list junkie Kelly Rompel shares her story of how she traded in her seemingly picture perfect life for one of more peace and purpose. As a Pharmacist and holistic anxiety coach, she has helped countless high-achievers bounce back from burnout and lower their stress while still maintaining their success.


    • Lower stress and anxiety while maintaining your productivity and motivation


    • Stop perfectionism from keeping you stuck


    • Drop the guilt that comes with relaxing


    • Learn ways to decrease the irritability that high achievers often experience


  • Live a beautiful balance of achievement and enjoyment

If you want more success with less chaos and stress, this book is for you.

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