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Here’s a #leadershiptruth: sometimes being a leader can really suck. Helping people grow and seeing them develop is hugely rewarding. Being able to influence outcomes and ‘be at the table’ is positively awesome. And sure, titles and
salary bumps can be great but let’s be real: it’s not all sunshine and lollipops.
Laying off people you’ve worked with for years is painful. Having to fire someone –
even if they deserve it – is never fun. Dealing with difficult people, delivering tough feedback and ‘looking in the mirror’ when things go sideways is never high on the ‘fun factor’. And let’s not even get started with the politics!

Drawing on over 25 years experience of front-line leadership plus countless hours
coaching and working with leaders across levels and industries, Glain
Roberts-McCabe shares straight talk on her biggest lessons learned navigating the leadership trenches. From hunting for your next gig, to reigniting your passion, to dealing with a psycho boss and everything in between, no leadership opportunity or train wreck is left unturned.
So, if you’ve ever had days when you wondered ‘did I REALLY sign up for this?!’ this book is for you. Grab a latte (or a glass of wine…no judgment here) and find a dose of inspiration, motivation or kick in the ass when you need it.
Remember, the world REALLY needs more great leaders. The world REALLY needs YOU.

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