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Do you feel overwhelmed by your life? Are you educated, passionate, and responsible, but feel like you’re never doing enough? Do you hear yourself always saying yes to others and having no time for yourself? Do you go, go, go, and then burn out or get sick?

Delight: Eight Principles to Living with Joy and Ease is a book of simple practices for easing the overwhelm in your life. Inspired in part by Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, Delight offers yoga and meditation practices for stepping into your life with courage and authenticity.

You will discover:

•How to live your life in a way that serves your soul.
•How to let go of what you should be doing.
•How to integrate mindful practices to enhance your life.
•How to enjoy your life more and listen to your heart.
•Practices that empower you to live a wholehearted life.
•A lifelong system that you can use whenever you need inspiration, or guidance during a transition, or to increase your overall well-being.

Silicki shares some of the basic practices she has used with hundreds of students over the past ten years – in her classes, workshops, and retreats, and while helping women breathe into their bodies, connect with their families in more authentic ways, and navigate career and life changes.

The eight principles of Delight provide a road map for contemplation and reflection. Silicki encourage you to be curious about your life in order to bring genuine joy and ease to the forefront. She relates classical yoga teachings to daily life and shares her own personal stories of overcoming unhealthy habits, changing careers, and making difficult decisions – all of which have led to profound personal transformation and a freer, more mindful, more energetic, love-filled life.

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