Daughters on Duty

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Book Description

Daughters on Duty is one caregiver’s shared experiences and lessons learned while shepherding her own elder loved ones — first her in-laws and later her mother — through multiple medical crises involving emergency room visits, hospital admissions and discharges, medication management, and working within “the system.”

She discusses considerations in choosing the options for ongoing care after a hospital stay, and handling that threshold when “home alone” is no longer a safe place for your elderly charge. The information presented is useful guidance on who to talk to, what to watch out for, and ways to take care of yourself while giving the priceless gift of loving care.

Reader’s will discover:

  • The right questions to ask so you can evaluate a crisis call from an aging loved one and know when to call 911.
  • The value of staying calm in a medical emergency and how this benefits your loved one when they are ill.
  • The proper legal documents and authorizations that allow you to manage your loved ones medical care with confidence and understanding of your loved ones wishes.
  • How to prevent medication mistakes and discover easy ways to keep an accurate list of prescriptions before and after a hospital stay.
  • The importance of supporting yourself as the caregiver with time out for self care and other family life.
  • Multiple resources of outside help to keep your elder in their home as long as they are able.
  • And much, much more!

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