Damsel No More!


Book Description

Is your past relationship ruining your current one?

You thought you did the work, that you healed and put the pain you suffered from your ex behind you. Now that you are in a new relationship though, the fears your abuser instilled in you are beginning to pop up. It’s causing problems. It’s easy to feel like you’re broken, bad at relationships, or like your abuser still has control over you. Whatever! You deserve a relationship that is not only healthy but fear-free! And that is one hundred percent possible.

In Damsel No More, author, abuse survivor, and anxiety-wizard-ess Emily Davis takes you on an epic quest to reach the relationship you have always dreamt of. You will learn how to:

  • Create the relationship you desire (all you need is your imagination!)
  • Express your needs and wants without feeling guilty
  • Feel safe again with the use of strong boundaries
  • Discover what triggers you and navigate your triggers with ease
  • Tackle your fears as you slay the demons that are keeping you from a healthy relationship
  • Free yourself from the control of your abuser for good!

You will leave this Dungeons and Dragons meets The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k adventure with all the gear you need to make your relationship dreams a reality!

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