Create Your Own Luck


Book Description

Some girls have all the luck! Or do they? Do you feel like you work hard, follow all the “rules”, do everything you are “supposed” to do, but what you want still passes you by? Do you crave a better job, a healthier body, or a more satisfying personal life? All of the above? Then this book is for you. I’ve spent the past several years studying the lucky and creating a lucky life. What I’ve discovered is that you can create your own lucky charms, regardless of your current living conditions, bank account balance, or weight.There is no magic wand. But there is a proven and simple delicious formula that makes you your own genie. My philosophy is simple: If you can crave it, you can create it. And in seven short chapters, I’ll show you how.Are some of us born lucky? Is luck only for the chosen few? Luck is where consistency of a good attitude, diligent work and clear vision collide. It is clarity in belief, action, and the overall vision for your life. Susan has helped hundreds of clients create mindsets and their own brand of luck. Now, she shares her step-by-step program and easy exercises to help you “get your lucky on,” too. In Create Your Own Luck, Susan uses her sassy, down-to-earth wisdom and real-life anecdotes to illustrate how to take charge of your own luck:Clarity – Are you weighed down by thoughts, excuses, and distractions? Are you ready to get clear about what you want?Passion – Do you honor your core desires? Are you ready to start paying attention to the fire in your belly and the yearnings that tug at you? Energy – Is your energy reserve running on empty? Do you have a way to replenish, nourish and reconnect with your energy source? Leadership – Do you live according to “everyone else’s” expectations and road maps? Are you ready to lead your own life and blaze your own way based on your values, goals and inspirations?Creativity – Do you have a regular creative practice? Are you ready to color outside the lines, reclaim creativity and amp up your luck? Fun – Do you remember the last time you had fun? Are you ready to incorporate fun into every part of your life? Vision – Do you have a vision of the life you want to live? Are you ready to see the future with your spirit, feel it through your body, and design with your senses? Are you ready to get lucky?

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