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Create a powerful content strategy that reaches customers at their core.

Ecommerce is booming, but figuring out the path to get from where you are now to a thriving online business can feel like a hopeless tangle of confusion. Content Marketing Playbook ensures you won’t begin at the backasswards end of the path and silently spin your wheels there. You won’t trudge along the path slowly and painfully for years, watching everything you’ve created fade into oblivion. You will have a strategy – a solid plan of attack – and a set of step-by-step instructions broken down into manageable pieces.

Libby Dickerson is an ecommerce writer and content strategist who works daily with venture-backed startups developing and executing content that aligns with their higher mission and values. This book shows you:

  • Why independent businesses like yours have an edge when it comes to attracting customers.
  • How choosing the right content can be clear, intuitive, and fun every time.
  • How the personal vision you have for your business connects to the hopes and dreams of potential customers.

Content Marketing Playbook is Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger meets a weekend-long slumber party. It’s designed for the creative business owner who loves their business, their customers, and their products, but does not love marketing. If your belief system runs counter to the swarm of internet marketing madmen intent on fleecing the masses, this book is for you. Use this system to create juicy, vibrant content from the heart that brings customers to you when they need you the most.

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