Conscious Business, Conscious Leaders

Jana Berghoefer

Book Description

Conscious Business, Conscious Leaders: A Path to Power, Purpose, and Engagement in Emerging Organizations is written for leaders who know standard “people practices” lack real impact. It takes an honest look at the unhelpful patterns and unspoken rules at play in organizations that prevent them from being their best, cause leaders to struggle, and contribute to employee disengagement. The book goes deeper than “carrots and sticks” of motivation and suggests a new way of leading based on freedom, authenticity, soulfulness, and purpose.

Typical organizational practices orient people toward external power, meaning external factors are primary in influencing how they think, feel and behave. This can pull people out of integrity and away from purpose, leaving them reacting to the environment and feeling disempowered.
The path to realize one’s fullest potential is inherently unique, individual, and internal. Organizations who want people to be their best need to give them a high degree of freedom and foster their self-empowerment. Empowerment is not something managers “do to” employees.
Self-management and self-leadership are attention-based meta-skills that employees and leaders need to consciously direct their own power.
By practicing these meta-skills, employees become more self-directed, motivated, effective, and creative; they gain a sense of purpose and contribute their genuine talents.
An organization’s culture, practice, and leaders can foster consciousness in employees by implementing different kinds of practices that support the wholeness and freedom of every person.

Jana Berghoefer, PhD draws on 20+ years of experience and study in organizational and human development, as well her own personal journey into soul and Spirit, to re-imagine organizations. She believes the time is now for organizations to up-level their game by tapping into soul wisdom so companies can solve today’s challenges and create a better world.

Conscious Business, Conscious Leaders inspires leaders to rethink what it means to be a good leader and to dream bigger about what is possible for their companies.

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