Competitive Advantage


Book Description

Competitive Advantage helps leaders create a reliably profitable and sustainable learning portfolio that generates the sought-after impact.

Based on a proprietary 25-driver Scoreboard created by Tracy King CAE, Competitive Advantage helps clients develop a profitable and sustainable business that makes a measurable impact on the industries they represent. Workforce disruptions, new technologies, and tight budgets place enormous pressure on professional association continuing education teams. Old learning formats and pricing models are failing. The risk of irrelevance is imminent as competitors step into the market, creating targeted learning programs faster and cheaper. Not to mention that learner expectations are changing: what they want, when they want it, and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Competitive Advantage serves the professional association industry’s leadership. Tracy helps leadership determine what investments to make with a limited budget, learn the common mistakes associations make managing their learning portfolio, find key investments that differentiate a program from competitors, identify partnership opportunities that result in passive revenue streams, and so much more. Quick fixes feel good, but never produce lasting results. Competitive Advantage focuses on the things that do produce lasting results and the commitment required to develop a successful learning design.

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