Command Your Transition

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Book Description

You’ve chosen to leave the military. How do you give up what you don’t need on the inside to make it on the outside?

The military has an entire structure pressing you into life in uniform. Your first two years of service hone you through indoctrination, training, and preparation to be at the baseline of service. Unfortunately, there isn’t a similar, systemic process the military takes you through to get ready for life on the outside.

You’re within a year before or after transitioning out of the military; you face a precipice of not being as clear about life on the outside as you were about life inside. You’ve been through the TAPS, you have anecdotal stories about life after the military. But you miss clarity about what you want to do, where you want to live, how you foster a massively different group of friends, or your new role in the family.
Similar to Steven Pressfield’s Turning ProCommand Your Transition clarifies the challenge about being professional through your transition, so life on the outside becomes better than anything you experienced in uniform. This book will help you:

• Define what career you want to pursue when you get out
• Choose how you will continue to serve others after the military
• Live your life, on your own terms, without regret or guilt
• Uncover your own intent or mission statement for the legacy you want to create
• Accelerate your transition, with the sparse time you currently have

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