Clutter Free Revolution


Book Description

Recognized by Patagonia as a “Books We Love Recommended Read,” ClutterFree Revolution is more than just a book about tidying up, this is a tough-love pep talk for American families. It is the quintessential pocket guide for clearing out, getting organized, and thriving with less stuff and more life. In the pages of ClutterFree Revolution, we meet Hope, a forty-something mom who fantasizes about living a more intentional life with less clutter (both literal and figurative). Through her inspiring transformation, we discover how a simple three-step process has the power to shift our paradigm around our things, and deliver a more rewarding life with far-reaching impacts beyond our own homes and families. ClutterFree Revolution is not just another how-to-organize book, it is a conscious consumer’s manifesto – an invitation to a life-transforming paradigm designed to remind us what matters most, and that is: who we love, what we do, how, and why we live – because everything else is just stuff. ClutterFree Revolution delivers the simple strategies to simplify your stuff, organize your life & (yes) save the world…with a NEW Foreword from Dr. Melva Green, the psychiatrist and host of the hit TV series, Hoarders.

“A must read for every household in America.”
— Casey Sheahan | former President & CEO, Patagonia, Inc.

“ClutterFree Revolution guides us through an honest conversation about what matters most.”
— Dr. Melva Green | psychiatrist & host of the TV series Hoarders

“ClutterFree Revolution delivers with heart.”
— Xorin Balbes | founder of the world-renowned design firm, TempleHome

“Elegant. Apply its sage-like and practical wisdom, and watch your life soar on the wings of new possibility.”
— Rod Stryker | American yoga master & bestselling author of The Four Desires

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