Clothes The Deal


Book Description

How would it feel if you were the chicest woman in the room?

For years, it didn’t matter what you wore to work. Between juggling motherhood, marriage, and an intense career trajectory, styling outfits was the least of your concerns. Fast forward to 2018 – the kids are older, your marriage is over, and your co-workers are practically teenagers. Despite the accolades and a salary to match, all you feel is tired, frumpy, and invisible.

In today’s increasingly visual business world, personal style matters. A well-dressed woman conveys authority and confidence, critical traits for leading a team and driving revenue. Clothes the Deal will teach you that enviable personal style isn’t just for millennials and celebrities – it’s a skill you are more than qualified to master, with far less clothes than you ever imagined.

Let Jenn Mapp Bressan show you:

  • Why closet size does not matter for personal style
  • How to craft a chic, effortless work uniform that commands authority
  • The surprising places you store “closet fat” and how to eliminate it for good
  • 8 iconic archetypes to inform your signature style
  • The 10 garments you need to create an endless wardrobe
  • How to craft a lean, productive wardrobe you can depend on for the rest of your life

If you are ready to show up to work looking and feeling like a boss every day – don’t wait any longer. Read Clothes the Deal and become that woman with the chic, signature style that everyone admires.

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