Clarity Alchemy


Book Description

When undertaking a major life transformation, the path to that transformation can often be loaded with blocks, resistance, chaos, and side-tracks that take you far away from your intended goal.

Clarity Alchemy: When Success is Your Only Option is a book for mid-life individuals who desire to create a significant transformation in their lives, and for whatever reason, really need this transformation to be successful.

This book meets the reader where they are in their life right now and takes them through four stages of transformation:

    1. The first stage is the journey of Discovery, identifying your current successes, your personal passion inventory and your core values.
    2. From there, readers are shown how to align themselves with their core values so they are living from their passions and not their what their social-self seems to need or want.
    3. The Design step comes next. This is where readers are shown how to balance their lives so that no part of their life is neglected.
    4. The final section of the book, Create, introduces several powerful techniques and methods that readers can use to successfully bring their ideal life into existence.

By the end of the book, dear readers, you should have the information, the self-knowledge, the tools, and the Clarity that you need to successfully create your ideal life.

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