Claiming Your Kingdom


Book Description

Claiming Your Kingdom: Breaking the Spell of Invisibility is for the trailing spouse and expat wife who has begun to feel lost and powerless. Using myths and fairy tales, Wendy Hammond explores the importance of waking to our own inner voice and finding the courage to live that voice out loud. How do we claim back a sense of our own power? How do we change our own lives when they are so intricately bound with another in almost every way? How do we find meaning when there are now so many complex levels to our understanding of the world, our relationships, and ourselves?

This book is written to ignite your imagination and courage, to help you:

  • Know that losing yourself is part of your hero’s journey.
  • Find the strands of your own personal myth.
  • Understand why the way we see ourselves is so important.
  • Realize the need for recovering our own identity and our own will.
  • Know how to walk through the initial rings of shame and pain that often come with following our own path.
  • Get you in touch with the strong woman, the wise woman, that you are.
  • Get you in touch with your intuition, so you can locate power and flow in your life.

The Frog Prince, Adam and Eve, the Celtic Prince Iain, and two amazing masters of archery are here to lead you back to yourself and your own power. Claiming Your Kingdom is Women Who Run With the Wolves for women who feel invisible.

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