Chronic Pleasure


Book Description

You were born to feel fabulous, emotionally and physically.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed easily? Do you hesitate to make plans because you don’t know if you’ll feel up to them? Do your relationships or work suffer because of your fatigue or pain?

If you want to wake up feeling good and keep feeling good all day; if you want to find the “missing piece” that gives you boundless energy and relief from pain; if you want your emotions and body to feel better than you ever thought they could, then you need Chronic Pleasure.

After struggling with chronic pain and incessant fatigue, Karen Lorre used her knowledge of the Law of Attraction and the mind-body connection to live with vibrant, youthful energy, and a tranquil mind. In Chronic Pleasure, Karen covers all the steps she discovered that allow her life to become easier, richer, happier, more intuitive, and more fun.

You will learn:

  • The number one reason why people have pain and fatigue
  • How to release pain, stress, and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • How to turn the pain in your life to pleasure
  • How to truly know what’s right for you and your body’s unique needs
  • How to allow the Universe to do your work for you

If you are ready to tap into the vibrant energy and chronic pleasure that your emotions and body crave, then Chronic Pleasure will guide you to feel like a new person with a vastly improved life!

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