Choosing Delight


Book Description

In Choosing Delight Leyla Day presents the inspirational true stories of every-day people who have created a living based on their deep passions. Through these interviews, with humor and affection, Leyla Day creates exercises to help readers uncover their own life purpose and transform their lives.

Inspired by Po Bransons’ bestselling book: What Should I do with My Life? And life coach Martha Beck’s groundbreaking book: Finding Your North Star, Leyla Day proposes the premise that, faced with a sea of conventional career choices, we should choose the paths that engender delight if we want to live fulfilling lives.

The granddaddy of all career books, What Color is Your Parachute? encouraged job seekers and career changers to think about what they want to do for a living. In Choosing Delight, Leyla Day speaks directly to those who are called to change careers, leave their soul-sucking jobs and transform their lives. Whether you are leaving college or transitioning into a new phase of life and want to make a living using your creative strengths, this book can inspire you to make a change. The exercises in Choosing Delight will guide you to uncover your core desires, identify your blocks and fears and help you to take the first steps to move forward into your right life.

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