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Book Description

In this fun, inspiring story, you get to tag along on the journey of a working girl and her attempt to find love and complete her happy ever after.

Melanie has just been promoted. Now she can finally start living the life she’s been putting off. First up, being more spontaneous, which leads her dancing into the arms of Josh Rawlings, a handsome man who’s in town to visit his Army buddies.

After one of the best night’s of Melanie’s life, her heart gets shattered when Josh doesn’t want more. Somehow, she must pick up the pieces and try to forget not only Josh, but the version of herself she was when she was with him. That’s so much easier said than done.

Dottie, the woman Melanie is replacing at work, gets involved in Melanie’s quest to move on and find true love. Dottie’s leaving to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime, with the man of her dreams. She might be the right person to help Melanie discover a new way to be… and possibly even a way to find true love.

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