Changing Lanes


Book Description

In the beginning, an entrepreneur’s focus is on starting and growing their business. For many, the thrills of overcoming the challenges and hitting those curve balls out of the park become just as important as actually achieving the original goals. And then one day, everything is different and entrepreneurs find themselves ready to leave the business. In Changing Lanes Gina Catalano shows entrepreneurs how to ready their business (and themselves) for the next step—preparing to sell or transition to the next generation of leaders. Catalano illustrates her story with the fictional character Sara Berry, the seasoned owner of a successful company who is at a crossroads in her business and her life. Understanding her vision and learning what it will take to get there, Sara eventually is able to achieve her dreams for herself, her family, and her business.

Whether you want to sell your business soon or are just know that you could, Changing Lanes will give you the tools and confidence to make this a reality.

After all, isn’t that what you’ve worked for?

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