Change Your Perception, Change Your Life


Book Description

Sick and tired of being held back by the prevailing status quo of society, author Justin Harmon set out to find an alternative lifestyle with freedom from fear and no limits. This book chronicles his findings and generously shares with readers how to change your life with advice on:

•Why change is difficult and how you can find freedom in discomfort.
•How to make decisions so you can harness the power of regret free living.
•What happens to free spirits who live the life of an impostor.
•The magic of Lifestyle Design and exactly how to recreate, restructure, and redesign your life
•What to do when time, money, knowledge, or other people stand in between you and your dream
•When to worry about mistakes and misunderstandings and when they can be flipped to your advantage
•The 3 keys to feeling happy, awake, fulfilled and free
•And much more

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