Ceiba’s Grace

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Book Description

The fate of the world lies in her hands—but she might just throw it all away to know what real love feels like…
Ceiba may only be a young woman at 20 years old, but she is already a high priestess and the living vessel of the Mother Earth goddess, Pachamama. Betrothed to the living vessel of the God of the Dead, Ceiba must undertake a journey to his home to marry him in a ceremony that will hold the world in delicate balance. Ceiba feels no love for him, but is resigned to her traditional duty.

As she makes the long journey through ancient Incan territory, she feels an irresistible force—love. But her love isn’t for her betrothed: it’s for Amante, the man guarding her as she travels over the mountainous landscape. The closer she gets to her destiny, the more she has to fight an inner battle: to fulfil her destiny without love, or to risk endangering everything she knows for true love.

Ceiba’s Grace is Book 1 in the paranormal romance / magical realism series, Elemental Myths, introducing readers to a world where Incan mythology is brought to life—with potentially dire consequences for humanity. Weaving expert storytelling with highly-charged erotic scenes, author Nicole Pouchet has won a legion of fans, with many comparing the Elemental Myths series to Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk and Steele series.

Order Ceiba’s Grace today and discover the ancient world where the journey of Elemental Myths begins!

**Warning: Sensually graphic M/F sex scenes included. Age 18+ only.**

**BONUS: Includes the first chapter of Book 2, Layla’s Gale. Book 2 is set in modern day Washington, D.C. and continues the elementals’ witchy, superhero powers in its tale of reincarnation and romance!**

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