Career or Fibromyalgia, Do I Have To Choose?

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Don’t let fibromyalgia kill the career you love!

Has fibromyalgia put your career on hold? Is it keeping you from your passions (and your life)? Do you spend hours online searching for solutions that only leave you more confused and exhausted? Whether you’re still struggling to get a diagnosis or actively trying to convince those around you that your “invisible illness” is real, Karen Brinklow knows where you’re coming from.

Career or Fibromyalgia, Do I Have to Choose? sorts out all the symptoms that are keeping you in a cycle of confusion and unable to work. Author Karen Brinklow, the first Certified Fibromyalgia Advisor in Canada, returned to the dream career she thought was over because of fibromyalgia. You can, too! She partners with you to take action now and:

  • Reduce pain and fatigue so you feel less confused and frustrated
  • Stop searching for answers so you can gain focus and feel organized
  • Figure out which symptoms to tackle first so you can enjoy life
  • Manage your symptoms and make a plan to return to the job you love

You don’t have to live like this anymore. Don’t give up the career you love. It’s time to get back to work and off the hamster wheel of pain, exhaustion, fuzzy thinking, and stiffness!

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