Can You Be a Hypnotist?


Book Description

You can become a professional hypnotist with a thriving practice!

Do you dream of becoming a professional hypnotist and helping people with big issues, but have no idea where to start or if you can make a living at it? If you’re serious about helping others with hypnosis and also want meaningful work that makes a positive impact in the world, you can easily learn about the modern, professional, and heart-centered approach to hypnotherapy that brings lasting relief to clients, and fulfillment and a lucrative career to the practitioner.  In Can You Be a Hypnotist?, author and award-winning hypnotist and hypnotherapy instructor Erika Flint, teaches you:

  • The ten secrets to modern hypnotherapy techniques that provide clients with lasting results
  • What hypnosis actually is and how to combine a system of hypnosis with contemporary neuroscience to provide repeatable results
  • Why you don’t need an advanced degree or have all your own issues figured out to become a masterful hypnotist
  • The four steps to having a fulfilling and thriving hypnosis practice in months, not years
  • The biggest mistakes new hypnotists make and how to avoid them
  • And much, much more

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