Beyond Applause

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Book Description

You are meant to stand on that awesome stage and change lives with your message.

You love seeing thought leaders share their stories and expertise from the stage. You know the impact that captivating speaking can have because your own life has been changed by great speakers. Most of all, you feel lit up by inspiring speakers.

But you also feel something else. It’s a feeling deep in your belly, a fire rising. You know you’re meant to be up there, sharing your own story and life lessons. You know that you could serve a lot of people with your own message.

The challenge is: How? How do you become known as a thought leader and get invited to speak for larger audiences where you can have a bigger impact?

In Beyond Applause, Michelle Barry Franco helps you satisfy your burning desire to become a sought-after speaker. After reading this book, you’ll know:

•The most important thing you must get clear on before you begin your speaking career

•How to get awesome speaking gigs that increase your position of thought leadership

•Exactly what is stopping you from stepping fully into the thought leadership role you know you are meant to play

•How to feel more like yourself on stage than ever

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