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Book Description

Do you have a burning passion inside to be a spiritual healer, shamanic healer, or energy healer? Do you want to learn how to really make a difference in peoples’ lives?
This book is a definitive guide for new healers and those looking to make a bigger difference with their work. The last forty years have brought about major spiritual changes on our planet and we the healers must adapt our methods and approach in order to solve the biggest single spiritual problem facing humanity at present and to be able to work to our Highest Level.
This book:
•Provides a detailed description of the spiritual problems facing humanity at present time of consciousness
•Helps you make the right decisions in which methods of healing you choose to learn in order to be most effective
•Outlines a simple plan to develop yourself so you are able to heal to the Highest Level
•Prepares you to make the biggest impact that you can in your healing work with every patient you work with

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