Be Wise, Be Safe in the Age of #MeToo


Book Description

Learn how to protect yourself from sexual assault at college.

If you’re a college freshman, you’ve probably heard rumors about students getting assaulted. Or maybe it’s already happened to someone you know. Perhaps you’ve worried about date rape. Or it could be you’ve already experienced a sexual assault and now don’t know what to do or where to turn. No one talks about sexual assault openly, so you’re left feeling lost and confused.

In Be Strong, Be Wise in the Age of #MeToo, psychotherapist and trauma expert Amy Carpenter provides all the information you need to keep yourself safe at college (and still have fun!). Use the tools Carpenter describes to feel confident in public settings, whether on campus, at a party, going to a club, on a date, or out on the town. By the end of Be Strong, Be Wise in the Age of #MeToo, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a safety system with your friends that decreases risk
  • Be safety-minded when going out for drinks
  • Recognize the red flags you need to know when meeting new people or starting a new relationship
  • Understand gender roles as they relate to safety
  • Respond if an assault takes place

Now is the time to be informed rather than afraid. In Be Strong, Be Wise in the Age of #MeToo, you can learn how to have fun while staying safe.

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