Are You Still There God?

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Book Description

Are you a mom entering your 40s? Do you feel like you are stuck on the crazy hamster wheel of life as your thoughts, hormones and health issues spin completely out of control? If so, this stunning and compelling tell-all narrative is a must read book for you.

Against the backdrop of a suburban mom who is stressed-out, beaten down, and over scheduled, this captivating personal journey explores some of the reasons behind women’s declining health issues. This book will leave you with tips and solutions to get you back on the right path and the road to self-healing. You will leave feeling like you are not alone during this life phase. You’ll be totally inspired to make simple lifestyle changes so you can believe, reinvent and laugh again.

“I think that’s what happens to most of us, is that we get to a point where what we are doing is not congruent with our soul’s purpose and priorities, so we end up in an identity crisis. We stand there and ask ‘Am I just a MOM, am I my business, am I enough, am I a robot … who the heck am I?’

I think deep down we are all teenage Margaret’s praying for God to answer our cries, during this time where we feel like we are losing control and going completely bat crazy. With constant stress, poor eating, lack of exercise and no time for ourselves, it’s no wonder our hormones are completely out of control.” – Jodi Brichta-Coyne

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